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Getting Started

Read the Student overview

Quest Student Home page

UT Austin Student Enrollment

  • Log into
  • Click on the arrow beside "Get Started"
  • Make sure that the "Hello" in the upper right-hand corner has your name.
  • The link to your class should be there under the MY COURSES tab.
    If not, please contact your instructor.
  • iClicker registration is done in the profile page if required by your instructor

Off Campus Student Enrollment

  • Obtain the unique number of your course from your instructor.
  • If you have not already done so, obtain a UT EID from
    If you give the EID system bogus information, you may not be able to retrieve your EID nor the password in the future. If your email address changes, you need to return to this URL and correct it.

    NEVER obtain a second EID, doing so can cause issues

  • Log into
    You will be sent to the EID system for your EID and password, then redirected back to us. If the redirection doesn't work, type in the URL again:
  • Click the arrow beside "Get Started"
  • Make sure that the "Hello" in the upper right-hand corner has your name.
  • Under the MY COURSES tab, choose "ENROLL IN NEW COURSE"
  • Supply the unique number in the box and choose "LOOKUP COURSE INFO"
  • Select the appropriate course (if more than one option) and choose "REQUEST ENROLLMENT"
  • Your instructor has to approve your request before you can proceed in the course.
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Due date times

All assignment due date times are in Central Standard Time (CST).

View assignments (PDF files)

To view assignments you will need to be able to view PDF files.

If needed, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Register your iClicker in Quest

If your instructor tells you to register your iClicker in Quest, choose MY PROFILE on the top menu bar and enter the 8 character ID found on the back side of your iClicker. If your clicker ID is unreadable, bring it to ITS's office in FAC to have the ID read. See the Clicker FAQs for more details.

View Box Number
  • Select your course
  • The clicker box number is in the "course information" section at the top of that page.
  • Note that your assigned box number for in-class assignments can be different in each course.

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Entering numeric answers

a) Numeric input: On "numeric" questions, you input ONE NUMBER -- integer, decimal or scientific notation. Do not include commas or spaces in numeric answers.

b) Significant digits and precision
To be scored as correct, an answer must be within 1% of the computer's answer (except for an answer of zero, which must be exact). You will be informed of any exceptions to this tolerance.

The computer carries out all calculations to at least six significant digits. Do not round off intermediate calculations or your final answer. Six digits are shown in solutions.

c) Scientific/Engineering notation ("times 10 to the power")

Very large or very small numbers may be input with "scientific notation," e.g., +3.56e-10, which is 3.56 times ten to the negative tenth power. However, 468 (or 468.0) is just as good as +4.68e+02 or +4.68E+02.

Constants and Conversion Factors

Be aware that using conversion factors and/or constants not identical with those used by the algorithm in the computer may cause discrepancies (e.g., pi = 3.14 is not the same as pi = 3.14159265358979324). In general, constants other than those given in the links below should be given in the question by the instructor.

Constants: HTML   PDF

Conversion Factors: HTML   PDF

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Error Messages

Error messages from the EID system have "" in the URL. We cannot address those. If their online links at do not help you, you will have to call them at 512 475-9400.

Reporting Issues

Contact your instructor with specific details about your issues. If necessary, he/she can contact us for help.

Login not working after a second EID is issued
When EIDs are merged, your access to Quest will be interrupted until we can update your profile information. Send both your old and new EIDs to your instructor and ask them to forward to us as soon as possible.

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