CNS Lecture InterfaceWelcome to the UT College of Natural Sciences’ lecture viewing system.  With the consent of faculty, we are recording audio and video of select class lectures and making them available to students on the web for review and study.  Students of these selected classes will have free, on-demand access to audio, video, graphics, text, images, and podcasts of their class.   Please ask your professor if your class is available on-line through this system.

This site provides instructions for using this new system, downloads of software you will need to view lectures, and links to all available lectures for the current semester.  You may need to download plug-ins depending on the type of machine you are viewing the lecture on, ex. PC or Mac. Please view system requirements below.

Lecture Catalogs
All catalogs require login.
Click desired catalog link and use the username and password provided to view lectures.

Caution: This system is still experimental and is subject to failures that may cause a lecture to not be recorded or a recording to not be usable. These recorded lectures are intended to be a supplementary study aid and are not a substitute for attending class.